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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

You what?!

I've now had three weeks worth of Systematic Theology seminars and I've yet to understand a flamin' thing?! Questions abound - not least will I ever get it?!

After all, 'was Origen's hermenteutical use of allegorical writing really non-esoteric?'

Or is it really 'a false dichotomy or overly simplistic to polarise Pseudo-Dionysius's apophatic and catophatic assertions?' Is it 'an either or or both?'

Still it could be worse. I mean I could find that what I've got to read - in order to understand what on earth is going on in the 'classroom' - was similarly opaque...

Exhibit 'A' (taken from the Mr Dionysius' gripping Mystical Theology - essential course reading!)

'But now as we climb from the last things up to the most primary we deny all things so that we may unhiddenly know that unknowing which itself is hidden from all those possessed of knowing amid all beings, so that we may see above being that darknes concealed from all the light among beings.'

Ah, of course, that clears things up nicely - I couldn't agree more?!

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Is there no end to a mother's love?

Apparently not!

At least not when your boys are sniffing and snorting they're way through thick colds. The above picture represents the seemingly bounldess love Lisa has for Joshua and Daniel as she lovingly employs the 'snot sucker' to relieve they're breathing.

I love my boys, but....?!

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Overly competitive?

Without doubt, one of the most recurring questions we've faced over the last two and a half years we've been in Stratford is why we're here - and specifically 'why have [you] moved to Stratford?' Inevitably the enquiry is laced with disbelief!

Given the result of a recent 'survey' and the fact that most people who can, move out, their incredulity would seem justified. According to the poll, Newham (the borough in which Stratford is located) is the 'third worst place to live in Britain'! Apparently we [Newham] 'have to face lots of challenges. Health, unemployment, crime and teenage pregnancy levels are alarming. It has many of the downsides of living in London and few of the benefits – except the kind you get off the social.' Nice!

I guess I haven't completely died to my competitive streak becasue I wanted to know who'd 'beaten us'?!

What's more, Chelmsford (our former home) was judged to be the 8th best place to live(!) - that's some 'downward' spiral! However well versed our answer is to the question 'why Stratford?' the real answer will come down to what God does through us in a place we call 'home'.

[Things could be worse - we could live in Middlesborough - apparently the worst place to live in Britain?!] Maybe Newham will 'win' next year.

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Thursday nights...

...I love Thursday nights. They're always so simple. Youth Club - Question Time - a milky coffee and some biscuits (although tonight was some home-made banana loaf!)! I am a simple man after all.

I've always been one of those strange people who enjoys the verbal cut and thrust of Mr Dimbleby and his weekly panel. I guess because I want to hear what people have got to say - what answers they've got. of course it's often a frustrating experience as politicians are notoriously evasive when it comes to answers?!

But I don't mind so much - more often than not it's just as interesting to hear the questions!

But then it's not just Question Time - life recently has been more about questions than answers. Maybe that's one of the reasons I've not been blogging so much - I've got no answers to 'share'. Then two things hit me - I might not be alone - and questions might not be a bad place to start anyway!

I vaguely remember some Rabbi saying that 'God is the question, our lives are the answer' - I liked that. I still do. And if God is 'the question' that can't be a bad place to start.


Monday, October 08, 2007


Thanks go to Mrs Parker for sharing this upon my 'Wall of fun'.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

For my mother-in-law

[more to follow - honest!]


It's been a while!

Too many plates to spin or a spinner who’s not up to it(?), either way it’s been seventy-seven days since last I ‘blogged’ about anything.

Since when… the Salvation Army have bought a house for us to live in. We finally(!) had a dedication (Christening) for Joshua and Daniel. I (briefly) lost my life to Facebook! I had a great week at InTouch (the Army’s sportsweek for 8-12 year olds). I entered my 33rd year and received a card from my Gran ‘to her nephew’?! My Dad turned 60 which gave us an excuse to throw a surprise ‘This Is Your Life’ celebration. His oldest grandson had his second birthday. We found dry-rot in the Army’s new ‘investment’! I lost another pint of blood (voluntarily I should add). I took part in my first protest (much to my father’s displeasure!). I’ve gone back to university – Kings College London this time. Joshua's started using the toilet and gone into a proper bed! I've been to my first Chinese wedding and last Sunday married my cousin (to her husband obviously!) – one less Hanover in the world! And we’ve just had another great week in Scotland (where I nearly climbed my first ‘Munro’). Throughout it all Daniel hasn’t slept much!

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

A perfect parenting metaphor?

Apparently there is a common reason why people who drown in rivers do so - they get caught between two opposing currents, one going downstream, one going upstream. Now if this ever happens to you the perceived wisdom is that you should let yourself sink to the bottom and let the downstream current carry you away from the rapids before you try to come up for air?!

So there you have it, a perfect metaphor for parenting: sink, so you don't drown! As the Borg in Star Trek would say 'resistance is futile. You will be assimilated!'

As parents of two wonderfully full-time boys(!) we have no choice but to surrender to the madness!

Bottom line: as hard as it is now having two little dictators, when we're 80, sorry when I am 80 (Lisa will be 81!), we're not going to regret our 50 year old sons! I mean, am I going to wish that I played more golf, run more, or played more with the boys? Am I going to wish that I worked more, or spent time with my family?

Where is that white flag?!

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Soooooo cool!